Why your free PYPA business listing should contain accurate information.

Having your correct business details on display is a must!

Your Business Name:

We’ve seen an increase in some business listings where the use of either a different or variation to the actual business name has been used. Our team swifty edits these listing to reflect the actual business name. In terms of branding, it’s recommended that you only use your registered business name. 

Note:PYPA has the right to delete and ban any business that repeatly adds multiple listings or does not use their registered business name. 

Your Business Email address:

If you’re business has a website and a domain name email such as info@yourbusiness.com.au it’s important to add the domain name email to your free business listing.

The first benefit is, it is far more professional that a having your gmail or other free email service.

Secondly, PYPA’s website is search Engine optimised, and by default, so is your free PYPA business listing. If you have your domain email address and your website listed with PYPA, google will recognise that your PYPA details match those found on the internet.

The third reason to have correct information on your free business listing is the backlink opportunity, which helps with your own websites search Engine Optimisation.

Your Business Social Media:

Adding your business social media accounts to your PYPA business listing allows the PYPA visitors the opportunity to connect with you on social media which increases your businesses reach, brand awareness and engagement.

As mentioned above, your social media accounts listed, also adds to your search engine optimisation strategy for your business.

Your Business Logo:

Wherever possible, we highly recommend you use your business logo on your free business listing. Apart from giving your business a professional look, its a great way for potential customers to easily identify your business (branding)

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